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Infertility is no longer a personal issue. Hundreds of couples today struggle to conceive or carry the child through the entire gestation period. The couples, however, are still able to have a baby because of newer technological advancements and high-end treatments. At WINGS IVF, we provide a one-stop solution to couples by addressing their fertility issues and providing the best treatment with our excellent team of doctors and the latest equipment. A combination of state-of-the-art facilities along with brilliant minds make us stand out in the crowd. Our success can be deduced from our numbers. We are the only clinic in western India with more than 12,000 live births through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in the last 9 years.

Due to a lack of awareness and the attached social stigma, a lot of couples are anxious about IVF. We come across several patients who are doubtful about the artificial methods. Our doctors, however, clear their doubts and educate them regarding assisted reproductive techniques (ART). Sometimes the couple may not even require artificial methods and can be cured with medicines. It is, however, crucial to get yourself checked to start your course of treatment.

Once you and your partner have had a fertility assessment, the doctors will start with the treatment procedure. Your infertility treatment plan will depend on the cause behind your condition, whether it is from the woman's side, man's side, or both. In most cases, a lot of couples with infertility can be treated with medications or surgery. On the other hand, some might require IVF or other treatment procedures. The entire treatment procedure is individualized and designed to meet your needs and provide the best outcomes. In both

cases of medication and IVF, the treatment ensures that the couple goes home with a baby. We leave no stone unturned in completing your family picture and giving you the joy of parenthood.